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Fanfic Quest

If it exists, we'll find it, and if it doesn't, we'll write it!

Dedicated to finding the fanfic YOU want to read
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OK, welcome to Fanfic_Quest. I made this community because I got fed up of having to trudge through a million fanfics to find one where someone has actually read the book it was based on, and has actually bothered to check their spelling and grammar. I also don't like fanfiction.net's search feature.

Don't think you have to write fanfiction to join the community. If you enjoy reading it, that's a good enough reason to join. Of course writers are welcomed with open arms, but I can't write decent fanfiction myself so I'm not about to turn you away (lol)

Here are a few guidelines to posting in this community:

The main purpose of the community is to find fanfics you would be interested in reading.
You can post a Quest and if any other members of the community know of any fanfics which seem to be what you're looking for, they can let you know by the comment feature. It might be a good idea to select the email activation option when you make a Quest post, but of course this is optional and you can keep checking back manually if you prefer.

Likewise if someone posts a Quest, any member can Answer the quest if they happen to know any fanfics fitting the description, or Fulfil the quest by writing a fanfic to that description!

If you have just read, or written, a stunning piece of fanfiction you wish to share with the community, you can Plug it here as well. Please remember if the fanfic is not your own to state this clearly!

Please DO NOT Post fanfics directly to the community. Upload them to a site such as www.fanfiction.net, or just a plain text page at your own website. As a last resort, post them behind cuts. (To find out how, click here)

If you're Plugging a fic, please provide the following information.

Inspiration (What type of fanfic it is, eg. Harry Potter)
Title of the fanfic (Pretty obvious lol)
Name of the Author (Screen name if you wish)
A short summary (Use the original one or make up a new one, just keep it short ie. no more than about 3 lines)
An age rating (Use whatever rating system you're familiar with, if it's a number we'll assume it's an age rating and if not please state, eg PG = Parental Guidance)
The main genre (Action, Parody, Romance...)
Original characters only? (If there are any additional characters to the characters created by the original copyright holders, state them here. Cameos don't count.)

Fanfics can be about anything and based on any original material you like. I tend to write and read mostly Harry Potter, His Dark Materials and Pirates of the Caribbean but absolutely anything that floats your boat (*Ahem!* I mean ship!) can be posted about ^_^

Harry Potter: caffeine_lights
Pirates of the Caribbean: caffeine_lights
His Dark Materials: caffeine_lights
Fruits Basket: klove0511
Full Metal Panic: klove0511
Due South: klove0511
Star Wars: klove0511

Further Information
Quests can be set by any member. If you want to read a fanfic with a specific storyline, or you want to find a good fanfic based on a popular topic, post a Quest.
Such fanfics can often be difficult to search for and frustrating because the amount available means you have to sift through many to find a readable one.
Quests can be solved in one of two ways: Answers and Fulfilments.

If when reading a Quest, you find you know of a good fanfic which fits the description, post a link to it using the comment system. Since anonymous comments are accepted non-members can also suggest Answers. Please use the Plugging framework as described above to word your comment, as well as any additional things yuou might like to mention.

Fulfilling a Quest involves writing a fanfic to the specification of the Quest. If this option proves popular I may start regular Challenges, which could be fun.

If you've just read a really good fanfic you want to promote, or have written something you're really proud of, Plug it here. There are guidelines outlined above for the original post, but I must just stress again, please don't post your fanfics directly into the community. The guidelines are in place to save people on slow internet connections time when browsing for something they want to read, and also to protect younger readers from content which might not be suitable.

These are only an idea at the moment but if we get enough members I would like to start some Challenges. These would probably be set every month (or have varying deadlines) and be a simple task such as a title, a situation or a picture to create a fanfic around. A best entry for each Challenge would be picked and the winner would have his or her name on a leaderboard.

Any questions email me at the link above and I'd be happy to answer them for you.

By joining this community you accept responsibility for rating your fanfics appropriately. All posts in the community must be suitable for all ages. I will not take personal responsibility for any external links from this community, except the fanfics I wrote. Basically, if you follow a link to a story you're not supposed to be old enough to read and are traumatised, it's your own fault.
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